Del. 4.4.3 – The first info day for students of the the Secondary Municipal School,,St.Kiril and Metodij” -Negotino was sucessfully implemented

The Secondary Municipal School “St. Kiril and Metodij” – Negotino in collaboration with the Municipality of Negotino and the organizer of the event ADVISENT DOOEL Skopje, has organize the First Info Day on a topic “Importance of the Protection of Environment”. The event was held in the lobby of SMS St. Kiril and Metodij Negotino in the period from 11:00 to 13:00 local time, and the target group was students and professors from the school. In the scope of the activities the attendees had the opportunity to get information’s about measures for environmental protection and the importance of energy efficiency, through a presentation prepared and performed by the expert’s team of the organizer. After the presentation, a small quiz was organized for the students “Who Wants to be a MILLIONAIRE for EE”, within which the team with the highest number of points was appropriately rewarded. After the educational part, the attendees had a small party and within the help of 15 volunteers from the school were distributed flyers and t-shirts to all present students.

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