Del. 4.2.3 – 4.2.4 Organization of events in the Municipality of Negotino

The Municipality of Negotino organized three events on 17/11/2020.

Del. 4.2.3 Info days for the citizens (the 5th info day took place on 17/11/2020).

The municipality of Negotino,  in the Cultural Center “Aco Gjorcev” held the fifth and at the same time the last informative day on “Improving the capacities of energy efficiency in the municipalities and promotion of the prepared energy efficiency programs for the next 3 years”.

Del. 4.2.3 Launching event for the presentation of the edition “How to use the local renewable resources for better EE”.

A promotional event to present a brochure “How to use local renewable energy resources to improve energy efficiency” was held in the municipality of Negotino. The promotion of the brochure was held at two locations in the Municipality of Negotino, namely the location of the municipal building of the Municipality of Negotino and the location of the Cultural Center – “Aco Gjorcev”. The promotional event took place in an open space, respecting all protocols for protection against the Corona virus.

Here is the brochure.
Del. 4.2.4 Award ceremony for “Best EE-practices award”.

Namely, before the start of the info day, 600 evergreen seedlings were awarded to all who took part in open ceremony “Awards for best energy practices”  lunched after  the open call “Awards for best energy practices” which was published on the official website of the municipality of Negotino, but also other citizens of the municipality who took part in the event.

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