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Del. 4.3.4 Energy efficiency award for local enterprises

The project beneficiary 3 “Culture and Development Public Benefit Corporation of the Municipality of Pella” is organizing a competition for the local enterprises of Pella for awarding best practices in the application of energy efficiency measures. The prizes will be given in an open event (more to be announced soon). All potential participants can find […]

Del. 4.3.3 Info day for the citizens of Pella

An info day about the energy efficiency in private spaces (citizens, working places etc) will take place in late June in Giannitsa. Ten volunteers will will be given promotional material of the project in order to distribute informative material for measures of energy efficiency and its contribution to the protection of the environment. If you […]

Del. 4.3.2 Competitions for students in Pella and Negotino

Two cross border competitions are taking place in Pella and Negotino, organized by the Culture and Development Public Benefit Corporation of the Municipality of Pella. The contest theme is the energy efficiency improvement and its immediate positive impact on the environment. “Energy efficiency” refers to energy consuming activities, mainly related to buildings and their outdoor […]

Del. 3.2.2 Replacement of public lights in Negotino

By the end of March, 1.410 new LED technology  lamps have been installed in the territory of the entire municipality of Negotino. Taking into account the established dynamics of the city and villages, the 841 lamps were put in the city of Negotino and 569 in the following villages: Timjanik 121, Pepelishte 121, Krivolak 94, […]

Del. 3.2.1 – Energy upgrade works in the Municipality building of Negotino

The Del. 3.1.2 “Interventions in the Municipality building of Negotino” of the project “enpol-ee” has been implemented. Energy efficiency interventions and construction activities have been carried out in the building of the municipality of Negotino. The existing windows and doors are replaced with energy efficient PVC windows and doors, the existing lighting is replaced with […]

Del. 1.2.3 – Third progress meeting of the project

The Municipality of Negotino, acting as Project Beneficiaty 2 of the project “enpol-ee”, hosted the 3rd progress meeting of the project in Negotino on 13-14th of November, 2019. This is the official invitation and the agenda of the meeting. The minutes of the meeting can be found here. The presentations of the project meeting are: […]

Del. 4.2.3 – Impementation of an info day in the Municipality of Negotino

The second info day of the municipality of Negotino was organized on October 30, 2019. The topic was “Importance of Energy Efficiency for protection of the Environment”. Representative from O3 INVEST Ms. Marija Aleksova gave a welcome speech, and the project manager Lidija Necheva presented implemented activities within the project. Also representative from project team […]

Del. 3.2.2 – Tender re-announcement by the Municipality of Negotino

Municipality of Negotino has re-published a tender for Del. 3.2.2 Replacement of public lights. Measures for improvement of the energy efficiency of the public lighting in the Municipality of Negotino will be implemented in the framework of contract including the supply, delivery, unloading, installation, putting into operation and testing of Led lights for street lighting, […]

Del. 4.4.2 – Competition for school’s students was successfully implemented in Negotino

On 19 September 2019, 4 teams with 5 students from school together with the teachers and team from Association of citizens EKOVITA from Negotino, where preparing the recipes using the energy of sun in public. Sunny fingers, oyster mushrooms, solar soup and sunny pancakes were the four recipes that were prepared and contesting for the […]

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