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Del. 4.4.3 – Info day organized by the Secondary Municipal School ,,St.Kiril and Metodij” – Negotino

PB4 Secondary Municipal School ,,St.Kiril and Metodij” – Negotino and the organizer of the event ADVISENT DOOEL  Skopje organized the last (third) info day on a topic Using renewable  resources of energy and their importance/good examples from the schools in the Region. The event was held on November 19th 2020 in SMS St. Kiril and […]

Del. 4.2.3 – 4.2.4 Organization of events in the Municipality of Negotino

The Municipality of Negotino organized three events on 17/11/2020. Del. 4.2.3 Info days for the citizens (the 5th info day took place on 17/11/2020). The municipality of Negotino,  in the Cultural Center “Aco Gjorcev” held the fifth and at the same time the last informative day on “Improving the capacities of energy efficiency in the […]

Invitation to an info day

The project beneficiary 3 “Culture and Development Public Benefit Corporation of the Municipality of Pella” is organizing an open info day for the Energy Efficiency in the pedestrian street of Giannitsa, in 27th of June, at 10:00 a.m. Info material will be given to the public and an energy efficiency expert will answer all questions […]

Del. 4.3.2 Competitions for students in Pella and Negotino

Two cross border competitions are taking place in Pella and Negotino, organized by the Culture and Development Public Benefit Corporation of the Municipality of Pella. The contest theme is the energy efficiency improvement and its immediate positive impact on the environment. “Energy efficiency” refers to energy consuming activities, mainly related to buildings and their outdoor […]

Del. 3.2.2 Replacement of public lights in Negotino

By the end of March, 1.410 new LED technology  lamps have been installed in the territory of the entire municipality of Negotino. Taking into account the established dynamics of the city and villages, the 841 lamps were put in the city of Negotino and 569 in the following villages: Timjanik 121, Pepelishte 121, Krivolak 94, […]

Del. 4.4.3 – The first info day for students of the the Secondary Municipal School,,St.Kiril and Metodij” -Negotino was sucessfully implemented

The Secondary Municipal School “St. Kiril and Metodij” – Negotino in collaboration with the Municipality of Negotino and the organizer of the event ADVISENT DOOEL Skopje, has organize the First Info Day on a topic “Importance of the Protection of Environment”. The event was held in the lobby of SMS St. Kiril and Metodij Negotino […]

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