Municipality of Pella

Del. 1.1.3 Kick off meeting in Pella

Del. 2.1.1 Communication plan

Del. 2.1.2 Informative material

First edition of a multilingual brochure

Del. 2.1.4 Final event in Pella

Del. 3.1.1 Energy efficiency upgrade in schools in Kariotissa and Neos Milotopos

Del. 3.1.2 Research for an urban energy efficiency redevelopment

Municipality of Negotino

Del. 1.2.3 Two progress meetings in Negotino

Del. 2.2.3 Final event in Negotino

Del. 3.2.1 Interventions in the Municipality building

Del. 3.2.2 Replacement of public lights

Del. 4.2.1 Participation in the round table for environmental policy in Pella

Del. 4.2.3 Info days for citizens

Del. 4.2.4 Energy efficiency award for local enterprises and citizens

Culture and Development Public Benefit Corporation of the Municipality of Pella

Del. 2.3.3 Project’s portal

Del. 4.3.1 Round table for environmental policy

Del. 4.3.2 Competitions for schools’s students

Del. 4.3.3 Info days for citizens

Del. 4.3.4 Energy efficiency award for local enterprises

Secondary Municipal School “St.Kiril and Metodij” – Negotino

3.4.1 Energy efficiency actions in school

4.4.2 Competitions for schools’ students

4.4.3 Info days for schools’ students