The main objective of the project is to promote the significance of energy efficiency in the both public and private space as an indicative factor of environmental policy for local authorities of the cross border area. The promotion will take place highlighting the significance of locality in the protection of environment and its contribution of the local/national/European policies. The involvement of the notion of “locality” in the energy consumption field will reform the character of the energy problem from the global scale to the scale of our neighborhood; “our public square, our school, our shop, our home” will be the center of attention of the whole project by promoting energy efficiency as a  whole, in public and private spaces. Other specific objectives are:

  • To upgrade public spaces (buildings and open spaces) in terms of energy efficiency;
  • To reduce the pollution from the energy overconsumption;
  • To involve actively the citizens in the protection of the environment and  especially in the energy efficiency factor;
  • To develop joint actions and common events for the four local authorities in the cross border area;
  • To emphasize on the role of networking of the local authorities for implementing environmental policies;
  • To highlight the importance of the cross border character in the protection of the environment.