The main objective of the project is to highlight the importance of the energy efficiency as a factor of the protection of the environment, in two axis; 1st: Public spaces, 2nd: Private spaces. Each axis is supported with the following outputs that improve the energy efficiency factor of the cross border area, with the decrease of GHG (in precise tons of CO2/year) and decrease of annual consumption (in KWh/year).

1st: Public spaces

1.1 Energy efficiency upgrade in 3 schools; one in the village Kariotissa in Pella (211,5 tons CO2/year and 51.050 KWh/year), one in the village Neos Milotopos in Pella 35,01 tons CO2/year and 136.972,8 KWh/year) and one in Negotino (26,63 tons CO2/year and 78.010 KWh/year)

1.2 Energy efficiency upgrade in a municipal building in Negotino (6,8 tons CO2/year and 20.770 KWh/year),

1.3 Energy efficiency upgrade in the public space of Negotino with the impovement of the public lights (929,88 tons CO2/year and 1.016.272 KWh/year), 1.d Research for the energy efficiency upgrade of a
public space in Giannitsa.

2nd: Private spaces

2.1 One cross border round table for environmental policy in Pella,

2.2 Seven info days for the local population with emphasis on the private buildings energy consumption,

2.3 Two schools  competition for the energy efficiency in private buildings and its relation to the protection of the environment

2.4 The establishment of the Energy Efficiency award in local enterprises (private sector),

2.5 Organization of three info events for school students.