The direct effect after the implementation of the project is the high awareness on energy efficiency factors in the cross border area and especially in two large municipalities that can vividly contribute to the protection of the environment.

The expected results are:

  1. Reduced consumption of energy and low carbon products in four buildings that have an energy efficiency upgrade (two in Greece and two in North Macedonia),
  2. Reduced energy consumption in the public space of Negotino and especially in the lighting system, providing a protected public environment,
  3. Identification of proposals for upgrade an open public space with energy-friendly characteristics,
  4. Identification of the environmental policies that must be applied in the cross border area emphasizing on the EU legislation,
  5. Expanded awareness in the local population for the implementation of energy efficiency practices in private properties and especially in houses,
  6. Awareness of the local enterprises in the issue of overconsumption of energy and in the application of eco-friendly practices,
  7. Increase of the awareness in students' population on issues of the protection of environment through energy efficiency measures.