Del. 4.2.3 – Municipality of Negotino held the first info day for citizens in its premises

On June 3, 2019, the first info day of the municipality of Negotino was organized. The topic was “The importance in the protection of the environment”. It is intended, through a series of 5 info days, to answer the question “How can local governments contribute to the application of energy policy in their territories, in a common framework of actions and at the same time to contribute to raising the awareness of the local population about the measures for energy efficiency”.

Mayor Toni Delkov perform a welcome speech, and the project manager Lidija Necheva presented  the project. In the numerous attendance of students from SOU “St. Cyril and Methodius”, representatives from the Council of the Municipality of Negotino, the municipal administration, other educational institutions and interested citizens, introduction to the topic “Importance in environmental protection” and expert presentation was performed by professor dr. Dame Dimitrovski. In addition of the present discussions, the first info day was also used for suggestions by the stakeholders through divided questionnaires to the audience, and information for the following info days was also shared in the frames of the project ENPOL-ee “in Negotino. The organization of the first and all other events for the municipality of Negotino was awarded to O3 INVEST from Skopje. The project “Energy efficiency in the cross-border area as an indicative factor for the environmental policy” with an acronym “Enpol-EE” is being realized in the partnership cooperation of the municipality of Negotino , SOU “St. Cyril and Methodius” from our city, Municipality of Pella and Public enterprise for culture and development of Pela-Republic of Greece.

The same day in the high school “St. Cyril and Methodius” from our city was organized the first info day where the project was promoted through distribution of promotional materials (t-shirts and flyers) for the students. More info for this info day can be found here.

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