Del. 3.2.2 Replacement of public lights in Negotino

By the end of March, 1.410 new LED technology  lamps have been installed in the territory of the entire municipality of Negotino. Taking into account the established dynamics of the city and villages, the 841 lamps were put in the city of Negotino and 569 in the following villages: Timjanik 121, Pepelishte 121, Krivolak 94, Dolni Disan 83, Tremnik 76, Vojshanci 66 and Dubrovo 8. According to the contract, the works will be completely finished with the delivery and installation of 42 digital external electricity cable cabinets by the end of May.

With the replacement of the existing street lighting with new LED saving technology and technology, there will be a great impact in the environment with  lower levels of CO2. Additionally, energy efficiency and savings will be achieved in the municipal budget in a percentage of 69%. The benefits are both environmental and financial for the Municipality of Negotino.


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